This is the ITM 9.0 Production Instance.

Normal Activities Resume: The Core Financial System (CFS) has re-opened for FY17 business and stamping in the Integrated Travel Manager (ITM) system has resumed. Users are now able to stamp documents. In addition, the travel voucher data link process is scheduled to resume today, October 3, 2016 at approximately noon.

Funds Availability :
FY17 funds availability is dependent upon progress by the NOAA Budget Office in establishing the budgets for FY17. Until the NOAA Budget Office has completed this task users may encounter Insufficient Funds message upon stamping.

For ITM questions or concerns, contact the NOAA Client Services Help Desk on 301-444-3400 and select option 2 for Travel Help or via email to If you are unable to change your password using the self service password reset request feature, please submit a written request, via email, to requesting an ITM password reset. This email should also include your ITM user id and your given name, if different than your email address.

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